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Check-out what e-FAIR does for you:
Corporate & SMEs

e-FAIR eliminates guess work in estimating Adequate Insurance Value by including software, implantation, Reinstatement Insurance Valuation (RIV) and insurance expertise to value, track, and report Fixed Assets for insurance purposes.

e-FAIR establishes a process driven FA Insurance for enjoying good rating and successful claim experience through speedy and fully recovery of FA value on reinstatement (new cost basis)

  • Facilitates annual inventory
  • Detect idle, surplus, sold FA.
  • Updating FA locations.
  • FA Reinstatement Valuation.
  • Chartered Engr. Certification
  • Risk Management information
  • For more info. on e-FAIR


Statutory compliance for Fixed Asset Audit exists and is growing with Globalization. Physical audit of FA is challenging and thus far not attempted. Not anymore

e-FAIR through Certified Professionals, Pan India, makes available Certified Professionals as resource to compliment your accounting audit strength. Enhance and expand your reach through e-FAIR Certified Engineering Professionals across 145 cities in India.

Contact us for more info on:

  • e-FAIR FA Audit Services
  • e-FAIR Partnership
  • e-FAIR Workshop
Insurers & Brokers

e-FAIR is the best value addition that Insurers and Brokers can make to their exisiting as well as propecting clients

In a competing environment everyone promises 'Excellent Service' but is that really the deal clincher when prospecting? As a prudent Insurer / Broker you would like to think from the Client / Risk Manager's perspective to understand his core concern. 'How much should the Sum Insured be?' is his chief concern and getting it wrong could be job threatenning in the event of a major claim.

I guess you will feel a Eureka feeling reviewing e-FAIR as a marketing as well as client retaining tool as e-FAIR opens a new world for your client, a world of confidence, convenience and complete control over Insurance Portfolio. A genuinely deserved feather in Risk Manager's cap.

e-FAIR has unfolded convenience, exactness, control and feel great factor for the Risk Managers. Visit 'Testimonials' to know what they have to say about e-FAIR.

Surveyors & Loss Assessors

e-FAIR opens a new business opportunity to compliment your existing professional work. As a Loss Ajuster you have comand over property insurance and related claims. As a Loss Adjustet your work is predominantly in 'Post Claim' part of Insurance Value Chain. With e-FAIR you also participate in 'Pre-insurance' process.

If it appeals then you can get started with attending 'e-FAIR Workshop'

Contact us for more info on:

  • e-FAIR FA Audit Services
  • e-FAIR Partnership
  • e-FAIR Workshop
Insways Locations

Insways has the lagest pool of Certified Professionals for Fixed Asset Valuation and allied services, spread across 145 cities in India.

Largest Pan India Local presence in 145 Cities
With our professional presence in 145 cities in India, we provide un-paralled service by Insways professionals.
Our local presence in 145 cities across India ensures:
  • Quickest response time
  • Zero outstation travel expenses
  • Local logistic Intelligence
  • Fastest feedback

I found Insways e-FAIR solution and services to be excellent and the only one of its kind. Deepak Kumar Bhan, founder of Insways has complete mastery on insurance and his counsel is deeply appreciated.

I strongly recommend e-FAIR at

Risk Manager